‘Culture isn’t just one aspect of the game, it is the game’ said Lou Gerstner, ex-CEO of IBM, once.

A critical success factor to attain the desired synergy at a merger or an acquisition, is bridging company cultures.

Company culture is based on shared values and norms. The Cultural Integration Program of Dianthvs makes the values & norms of each company clear and creates a customized plan to align these.

Also motivators influence behavior at work. Motivators bring people into action and define company culture as such. The Cultural Integration Program of Dianthvs will indicate these motivators and advises how they could be focused on the shared company vision.

The Cultural Integration Program of Dianthvs does not only identify the different company cultures, it also guides the implementation of the action plan to create the necessary working environment to achieve the advantages of a merger or acquisition.

The tactics are as follows:

  1. Management Interviews
  2. On-line Employee Survey
  3. Cultural Integration Report & Action Plan
  4. Implementation
  5. Evaluation Survey & Report

The lead time of the Cultural Integration Program is dependent on the number of participators and their availability. In general it can be estimated on half a year.

The Cultural Integration Program of Dianthvs is the key to a successful merger or acquisition, based on a refreshed commitment to the company goals and a harmonized and energized company culture.

For questions about the Cultural Integration Program program and pricing, please fill out the contact form and mail us.