In case of downsizing, rightsizing, redundancies and layoffs, you might be eligible for outplacement. How do you spend your time and budget wisely?

All though the intention of outplacement is to find you a new job, the word Outplacement has a negative connotation. This is mainly due to the word ‘out’. It could feel like you are not appreciated anymore. It might even trigger a feeling of rejection. Furthermore the ‘out-word’ is heading backwards to your former employer. Why not face forward and create a new job perspective? Lately I have worked with people, looking explicitly for Newplacement.

Quick fix
It always strikes me that not everybody, who is part of a downsizing or restructuring process, is aware that you are entitled to outplacement. This includes a budget for outside professional help with finding you a new job. At many regular outplacement firms you become part of a process that is transaction focused. Depending on the height of your budget, the outplacement agency will fit you into one of their standard programs. The goal of the process is to get you, as soon as possible in the kind of job that you had before. The aim seems to be a quick fix.

Just a number
Lately an executive director, who just entered an outplacement process, told me he felt like a number. There was no customized plan. At his first session he found himself with five others in an application class. How do I make a proper CV? How do I write an application letter? How do I make the most of LinkedIn? All very well, when you are a starter in the labor market, but less appropriate at an executive or a high professional level.

What this director missed, was a personal approach. Instead of looking for a quick fix with an outside orientation, he preferred to start with an introspective look. What exactly happened? What does this say about me? How does this reflect the company culture, I was part of? All these question lead back to you. Time for some mirroring.

Did you know that loosing your job is one of the most stressful experiences after death, illness and divorce? This requires healing of negative emotions in order to create some space in your mind. Space to be filled up with positivity. But how do you find positivity? There is some soul-searching to be done here.

A new ‘Mix of YOU’
Soul-searching is awakening the inner powers and talents you have lost or forgotten. It leads to the keys of passion, creativity and intuition. These keys open up the doors to new steps on your curriculum vitae. Or, as the literal translation of the Latin words goes, your road of life. Using the keys of passion, creativity and intuition for personal growth are basic elements of my Mastery training. During Newplacement coaching we will use the results more practically. We will fit the new ‘Mix of YOU’ into the current timeframe and connect it to your (and my) network. This leads to a new fulfilling challenge in your career.

Mission in life
A former CEO of a large international corporation, who left his job for restructuring reasons, took it even a step further. He told me his biggest motivator had always been ‘to contribute to society’. In other words, to do something meaningful at work that would make a difference in the world. After some coaching he decided to take the opportunity to switch branch, in order to be able to accomplish his mission in life.

Brand-new step
I know that free time with no job in sight, does not really feel like time to relax. But if you spend your time and budget wisely, you will find the inner landmarks to a brand-new step in your career, closer to your inner powers, talents and skills. I can assure you, this road towards your purpose in life will be very fulfilling in itself.

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