10 tips for an OUTSTANDING CV

How to make your CV stick out from a crowd

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8 secret rules for working from home effectively

Does working from home really result in a better ‘work-life balance’?

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Burnout. 7 tips how to recognise and prevent it

Be aware of when you cross your borders

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10 steps towards a breakthrough in your career

How to act, when your career is a dead-end street or your job just not challenging enough

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A Killer First Impression… 10 ways to make it!

The first 7 seconds are decisive for the course of a meeting. Read here how to influence them

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Time for a breakthrough?

Here at Dianthvs you will find a range of innovative & unique coaching- & training methods, designed to lead managers, executives and entrepreneurs to a successful breakthrough in their career and business.

Dianthvs is an international coaching boutique, consisting of a team of enthusiastic and professional coaches with more than 20 years of experience over 40 countries. Our mainstreams are:


  • Development of authentic leadership & inner balance and strengthening of charisma (Leadership Training).

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