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Time for a breakthrough in your career or business? Then you are at the right address here at Dianthvs. We have more than 20 years of international experience in coaching managers, executives, entrepreneurs, creative professionals and artists to a successful breakthrough in their career and business.



Our innovative & unique coaching- & training methods are designed to develop your leadership through personal growth and by strengthening your competencies. We coach you to develop authentic leadership and to increase your charisma. Leadership is focussed on inspiring others by your vision, empowering them and leading them to a certain goal. Leadership is about you, leading and influencing people, organisations and situations.



However times, places and people change. Also careers and business have become more global. In order to increase your impact, you have to position yourself and your skills & expertise in the right place at the right time. This requires self-reflection, self-control, awareness, alertness, an overal view and an exquisite sense of timing. All elements of the essence of mastery. Let us be your travel companion on your personal journey to inner peace and mastery.


Team Power

Our team workshops help you apply your leadership and mastery to people, organisations and market situations. Dianthvs offers customised and unique workshops that will lead to team synergy and business breakthroughs.